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gDoc Fusion

Publisher: Global Graphics Software Ltd.

gDoc Fusion

Welcome screen – Getting started

Drag and drop source documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint onto the Welcome screen and you are ready to work in the view of your choice: Assembly View, Page View, or Flick View depending on what you want to do next.

Assembly View – Merge incompatible document formats

View multiple documents in different formats at the same time in one screen so that you can compare and review them – no prior conversion required!

Using drag and drop actions, move, copy or delete pages between multiple open documents to assemble just the information you need. Save finished documents in PDF, XPS or Word formats.


New: PageStacks

Collapse a selection of pages within a document into a single page stack that can be moved around as a single item.


Page View – modify and comment single document pages

With smart, context-sensitive text selection, just click and drag to copy, highlight or correct text. You can also add or edit comment notes and bookmarks to your document, or even redact – just choose from the floating toolbar.

Copy – copy and paste selected text into another application
Edit – correct selected single lines of text
Search & Replace - rapidly find and change text throughout a document
Comment – comment selected text through sticky notes
Highlight – apply a highlight to selected text
Underline – add an underline to selected text
Strike-out – add a strike-out to selected text
Redact – Remove confidential text, leaving a black strikeout in its place.
Bookmark – create a bookmark for a selected text area


Flick View – find what you need, fast!

Flick through the pages of your electronic document to quickly find the information you need. You can browse, stop and read relevant pages or do a visual search quickly without having to print the document; all at the flick of the mouse or, if you’re using a touch screen, your finger.


Presentation View - switch to full screen mode

Merge Powerpoint presentations and then view in full-screen presentation mode


Finish Document Wizard - select document output settings

You’ll never forget to set the right options on your document with this step-by-step guided process to enter document summary information, document opening settings and apply password-protected document security, before saving with the optimal settings whether for sharing, website upload or for professional printing.


gDoc Creator - convert MS Office files to PDF

Easily convert documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF or XPS files that preserve the formatting of the original document.

  • PDF creation with a single-click on the toolbar integrated to Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Create PDF documents from any application by simply printing to a PDF document
  • Drag and drop files into gDoc Fusion – no need to have source application installed!
  • New: Drag and drop files onto gDoc Creator desktop icon


Additional features

Convert PDF documents to Word format, preserving text, layout and graphics. Ideal for when you need to make extensive changes to documents.


New - Export to PNG

Allows page images to be saved to PNG format.


Support for PDF standards

Create PDF documents in any version from 1.3 to 1.6, or choose the ISO standard PDF/A-1b for archiving.


Batch processing

Convert your project files to PDF in one simple action. With gDoc Creator you can drag and drop multiple files to convert a batch of documents

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